The Concordia Neighborhood Association (CNA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enlightening its constituents about problems and solutions concerning the livability of Concordia Neighborhood.


The Concordia Neighborhood is bounded by NE Columbia Boulevard on the north, NE Prescott on the south, NE 42nd Avenue on the east and NE 22nd Avenue on the west. Excluded from the neighborhood is the small area surrounded by NE Alberta Court on the north to NE Prescott on the south and NE 42nd Avenue on the east and NE 33rd Avenue on the west.

For a map of the neighborhood click here.


CNA General Membership meetings are open to all neighborhood residents and businesses. Meetings are held monthly. Click here for the schedule of Board and committee meetings.


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  2. Dan Werle says:

    Hi, I live at 28th & Killingsworth. My 1987 Toyota FJ 60 Landcruiser was stolen from in front of our home sometime between 7 PM Wednesday night and 7 AM Thursday morning. It is brown, has a big black bumper on the front, a black roof rack, and oversized, off-road tires. Please notify others of the Association to keep an eye out for it. I miss it a bunch. Thanks. Dan Werle.

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