Draft Agenda for Concordia Neighborhood Association Board Meeting January 22nd, 2013

Kennedy School Community Room
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM


1. Establish a quorum, approve agenda, review 5 minutes
and reconfirm the meeting rules (listed below)

2. Introduce New Board Members 5 minutes

3. Approve Minutes (December) 5 minutes

4. Treasurer’s Report 10 minutes

5. Action Items 30 minutes

a. Election of Board Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer)
b. Appointment of Executive Committee
c. CNA Code of Ethics, & Transparency Policy presented by Policies &
Procedures Committee for Board Approval
d. Establishing CNA Board email group (Google?) for Board Communications

6. Old Business 35 minutes

a. Reconfirm change of Board Meeting to 4th Tues of Month with New Board
b. Media Team Guidelines for Board feedback (see attached memo)
c. Board Orientation (Coalition-wide & CNA specific)

7. Standing Committee and Community Reports As time permits

a. Personnel Committee formation
b. Land Use
c. Social Committee- Egg Hunt & Concerts in the Park
d. NECN Announcements

Meeting Guidelines

1. Stay within agreed time
Option: Decision to add time
2. Stay on topic
Option: Parking lot
3. Voice a solution if you voice a concern
Upgrade: Seek solutions to address ALL concerns
4. Avoid personal attacks
Upgrade: Notice and care about the effect your words have on others (e.g. hot buttons)

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