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Promote your business or organization by advertising in the CNA News. Reach a large diverse neighborhood of monthly readers. For pricing and design specs click here to download our rate sheet.

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3 Responses to Advertise with the CNA News

  1. Susan Riley Fernhill Estates Social Services Director says:

    Fernhill would like to honor “A Resident of the Month” in your newsletter. We are part of this neighborhood, but not well known. What would it cost to do a spot about the size of the Beaumont Market Ad.? Ours would not be an ad. It would be a way of honoring our elders and letting the neighborhood know about us.

  2. Bob says:

    Susan you can get information with the Concordia News Managing Editor Rebecca Wetherby and Kunal Mehra at concordianews at

    Hope that helps.

  3. MARY ANN MOLLOY says:

    Hi Bob.
    Would it be possible to place an ad. that would be considered personal rather than business? I could make a small donation to the newsletter.
    I’m a senior lady trying to find a shared housing situation in the Concordia neighborhood. Craigslist I find doesn’t really work for my age group. There’s all kinds of housing ads. for people in their 20’s, students etc.
    I’ve just written to the Concordia News re. an ad. but was thinking your newsletter might be a better idea.
    Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.
    Thanks very much.