Aircraft Traffic to Increase this Summer over Concordia

Residents may notice a change in aircraft flight activity as construction work will require a six-month closure of the north parallel runway effective May 1st through October 31st. During this closure, jet aircraft will use the south runway, and will follow noise abatement procedures that direct them over the Columbia River corridor, minimizing overflights of residential areas. Smaller aircraft including cargo feeders and commuter turboprops may be required to use the crosswind runway, which is oriented north/south.

During the closure, the runway will undergo major rehabilitation and preparations will be made to extend the runway in 2010. The extension is needed to accommodate larger aircraft that require the extra length for takeoff at PDX when the longer south runway closes for rehabilitation in 2011.

The following link will provide detailed information about the North Runway Extension Project:

For further information please contact: Port of Portland, Noise Management Department Phone: 503.460.4100 / 800.938.6647

Web Site:

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3 Responses to Aircraft Traffic to Increase this Summer over Concordia

  1. Pat says:

    I am amazed there are no comments here. Isn’t anyone else pretty pissed off about all the noise this summer in the NE neighborhood?? Good grief. It sounds like WWII over my house day and night! It’s getting ridiculous. Maybe it’s just a fact of life in the Concordia area and I didn’t notice it before I moved here? Any comments??

  2. Iris Blavin says:

    The planes fly over my house starting very early and go all day, low and loud. I regret having purchased a home here. There is no community action to go up against the Port of Portland. If the housing market was better I would leave. The Port had taken away the quality of life here. There is no excuse for the level of plane traffic, noise and air pollution that this neighborhood is subjected to.

  3. Rebecca W says:

    I am wondering where you live – I live on NE 24th and I don’t really notice the planes. I think I may not be at home when there is the most traffic.