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  1. Andrew Alexander says:

    Dear CNA,

    My name is Andrew Alexander and I am an undergraduate student at Portland State University. My colleague Josh Williams and I are undertaking a senior project with our community partner, Mill Street Planning, in which we hope to inform the community of the responsibilities and opportunities to reclaim alleyways and create usable community spaces. We would like to inquire about the possibility of the Concordia Neighborhood Association aiding us in reaching out to members of the community and gauging community interest in such a project. The goal of our project is to organize a community meeting where we could provide an informative presentation on the options for creating safe, community spaces in alleyways that may not be currently utilized. John Hagan of Concordia University has offered his support and suggested we contact you to inquire about support from the Concordia Neighborhood Association. If possible, we would like the opportunity to meet with you to provide more information on what we hope to accomplish in our project. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

    Kind Regards,
    Andrew Alexander

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